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  • Roller windows Blind white SIMONA
  • Roller windows Blind white SIMONA
Roller windows Blind white SIMONA

Roller Blind SIMONA White

Roller Blind for Window

Collection SIMONA

color: White

Width of the Blind:
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Beautiful Modern Window Roller Blind Simona

This Roller Blind is a great solution for windows decorations in modern style.

To use it, it is a good way to protect your rooms from excessive sunlight, ensuring your privacy. 

The roller blind is made of elegant, smooth fabric with delicate, pearl gloss. 

This blind protects your room against strong sunlight.

It is recommend to use in living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom. 

The textile is in the color WHITE

The mechanism and chain is in the color WHITE

The light transparency means that the blind protects us against sunlight by gently diffusing light inside the room. 


SIZE OF THE BLIND: (width of the blinds in cm x maximum length of the blinds in cm)


Given width refers to the width of the blind - fabric. We recommend the width of the blinds to choose 10 - 20 cm larger than the width of the window, if some elements of walls, furniture, decorations, radiators, window handles or other elements will not interfere with the smooth operation of the blind. The width of the roller blind mechanism is 4 cm larger than the width of the blind.

LENGTH OF THE BLIND: The length of the blind is universal. The maximum length given, are the dimensions at which we can safely develop the blind. Expanding beyond this range may damage the fabric.

The minimum length is 20 cm.

For example:

IF you need the roller blind long 130 cm - you can easy use roller blind long 170 cm.

If you need roller blind long 175 cm - you have to select roller blind 230 cm long. 

We recommend the length of the blinds to choose  min 10 cm larger than the height of your window


This system of roller blind is Free-hanging, it can be used to cover larger surfaces. 

It can be mounted directly to the wall or to the ceiling. 

With the movable head, the mechanism works smoothly and adapts to the angle of deflection of the operating chain, which protects against rupture and improves functionality.

This blind has a universal (two-sided) chain mechanism as a standard. You can choose the side of the chain's location when installing the blind. Chain can be mounted on the right or left side of the blind.



We recommend:

Cleaning the blinds should not cause us much trouble. Systematic removal of dust will prevent its penetration into the fabric. It is enough to regularly wipe the mechanism or blind cassette with a dry or a damp cloth, and the fabric itself  vacuum with a vacuum cleaner set to the smallest suction force with a special brush-shaped tip.

Cleaning in washing machine or ironing is forbbiden.

NOTE: It is natural for fabrics to fade under the influence of light. 

In the case of windows facing south and west, this effect can quickly become noticeable.


Price for 1 Blind

All elements will be delivered separately for individual assembly.

Please refer to the instruction manual.

Please note that the product color may be slightly different
from what you can see in the picture, this is because each
monitor has different settings.



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