Curtain Rails for Hotels

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Curtain Tracks  for Hotels

Curtain Rails for Windows in commercial premises. Many objects today must meet not only functional aspects, but also visual ones. To meet these expectations, there is such a wide offer:

  • Curtain Tracks for hotels, hostels, boutique hotels
  • Curtain Rods for shopping malls, small and large stores, boutiques, warehouses, changing rooms, cloakrooms
  • Curtain Rods for utility buildings: embassies, public offices,
  • Curtain Rails for schools, universities, dormitories
  • Curtain Tracks for holiday homes, Sanatorium, Nursing Home
  • Curtain Rails for Cinemas, Theaters, Conference Rooms,
  • Curtain Rails for Restaurants and Bars
  • Curtain Rails for Hospitals, Clinics, Spa 
  • Curtain Rails for small and large ships, yachts, boats.

A wide selection of rails for curtains, usually made of aluminum. A large selection of colors, although white curtain rails are the most commonly used, they are available in many colors such as black, champagne, brown, red, gold, and many others colors.

Curtain Rails with an electric drive are also popular, most often used with very large windows, e.g. in conference rooms, cinemas or public places of hotels or ships

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Single Aluminium Curtain Track System

Track: 20 x 14 mm

Collection VERONA I 

Color: White