Modern Curtain Rods

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Modern Curtain Rods 

Modern Curtain Rods, or rather Curtain Rails, are a modern approach to window decoration. In modern interiors, traditional curtain rods often do not work, they simply do not fit.

Modern interiors require a different form of decoration. This is why collections of modern curtain rails have been created. Made of aluminum, they were light and durable at the same time. Often these rails are square or rectangular profiles, in modern colors of white, black and even red. Sometimes with elements imitating wood - these perfectly match modern interiors with elements of wood and wooden, contemporary furniture.

Such curtain rods are often almost glued to the ceiling. The result is that the curtains run from ceiling to floor, giving a completely new, modern character to the window decoration.

The imagination of modern designers goes even further, so some of our collections look like leather trimmed, perfectly imitating them. Such a wide variety of finishes allows you to choose curtain rails, both for sophisticated interiors and minimalist interiors with a limited budget.