Supports for Curtain Rods

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Supports for Curtain Rods

Various Supports for Curtain Rod, various Styles from Modern to Classic, various sizes, various colors.

Choosing an individual type of Supports allows for any system of Curtain Rods and Rail installation.

Sometimes a direct-to-Ceiling or Wall-mounted system is possible. But it happens that this is not possible, for example, when the entire wall is glazed, which is often the case in Modern Interiors. Then a system is needed for mounting the Curtain Rod between 2 walls on special side supports. Side Supports are also necessary when the Curtain Rod is installed in doors and narrow passages.

The length of the Bracket is also important, because the distance between the Curtain and the window depends on it. and the Curtain must avoid all existing elements such as window handles, window sills or heaters. Therefore, it is worth choosing the appropriate long Bracket. 

The color and style of the Curtain Rods are also individual. Simple, modern Brackets in chrome, steel, inox, white or black colors match Modern and minimalist Interiors. However, the stylish, traditional form of brackets in antique, golden and brass colors is a good choice for Classic Interiors.


Side Single Support 25 mm

Set of 2 Side Supports per Curtain Rods 

Color to select:

- Antique White

- Antique Brass

- Chrome Matt

- Inox