Curtain Rings

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Curtain Rings

Curtain Rings allow you to hang Curtains on a Curtain Rod. The Curtain Rings are used only in Traditional solutions with the use of a Rods, and the Rings can slide freely on it.
Note that movement of Traditional Rings are blocked by the Supports. Therefore, the proper location of Supports on the Curtain Rod is very important and the location of the Rings as well.
Depending on the type of Curtain, the Rings can be equipped with special Clips for attaching the Fabric directly, or with additional Hooks, if the Curtain has a Curtain Tape sewn in or sewn in.
The color and size of the Curtain Rings should be selected according to the size and color of the Curtain Rod.


Curtain Ring without Clip

For curtain pole diameter 19 mm

color:  Inox


Curtain Ring without Clip

For curtain pole diameter 25 mm

color:   Inox


Curtain Ring for Curtain Rods 19 mm

For curtain rods diameter 19 mm

color:  White