Small Curtain Pole

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Small Curtain Rods 

These Curtain Rods are perfect for small, short Sheer Curtains, Voiles, for all light Curtains. 

We can install them in small windows, such as small kitchen windows, as well as toilets and bathrooms. We often use this type of curtain rod for windows in corridors and halls. Where we cannot use traditional curtain rods and large curtains. It is often a perfect solution, when we have a wardrobe with a glass door, or simply a door to a room, we want a delicate stop view through these glass. Such a tiny curtain rod is a perfect solution here.

These curtain rods have a telescopic thin pole 8-10 mm, so it is possible to adjust the length quite flexibly, without the necessary cutting and stressful length calculation. The length range allows us to flexibly lengthen or shorten the curtain rod by about 20 cm.

The assembly itself is also quite simple, you can mount it directly to the window frame, using small screws. It is important that the curtain that will be hung here was really light.