Luxury Curtain Rods

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Luxury Curtain Rods

Unique Curtain Rods for exceptional interiors. These Curtain Rods or Rails are dedicated to luxury apartments, villas or boutique hotels. Everywhere where standard Curtain Rods simply do not fit. And it is necessary to use a unique Curtain Rod.

A Luxurious Curtain Rod means:

- Traditional round Curtain Rods,

with a diameter of 35 mm, metal curtain rods like the Elegante collection - a magnificent curtain rods, though metal, perfectly imitating old, wooden curtain rods. Amazing Endings add a style. Their solid, metal structure allows you to hang really heavy curtains. They are perfect for luxury interiors both in private villas, appartments and palaces, and in hotels.

- Modern Curtain Rails

for the interior. These rails are made of aluminum. Their solid construction allows for the suspension of quite large Curtains, which is often found in high, luxurious interiors. Collections such as Prestige or DeLuxe - they are intended for such high, magnificent and luxurious interiors. That is why they are often used in modern interiors of penthouses, duplex, apartments and villas.