Curtain Rods Coll. Paris

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Curtain Rods Collection PARIS

Collection PARIS, square Curtain Rods is a new design of Curtains 


Curtain Rods Paris will make any window decoration even more sophisticated. This is a real elixir among  Curtain Rods and Rails. They are unmatched in terms of aesthetics and technology. They look great in modern interiors.

The design is geometric, inspired by square.

The 20x20 mm Rod profile makes these curtain rods unique and ideal for all modern, urban, contemporary and loft interiors.

Paris Curtain Rods are equipped with Square Curtain "Rings" with a Teflon insert, thanks to which they glide better. This is a revolutionary solution that allows for smooth and silent movement of window decorations.


Modern, Square Curtain Rod

square rod 20 x 20 mm

Length of Pole: 160 cm

Collection Paris I

Color: Antique Brass