Curtain Rods Elegant Collections

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Curtain Rods Elegant Collections

A collection of luxurious, metal Curtain Rods. Solid, durable curtain rods can be used even for heavy curtains. The main rod with a diameter of 35 mm is made of metal.

This timeless curtain rod is used both in traditional, classic and modern interiors.

The Elegant Curtain Rod in the color of antique white can find its place even in shabby chic interiors style .

The curtain rail from the Elegance collection, thanks to its solid construction and 35mm diameter, is often used in high rooms and where the windows are very large and high. So it is used in many private elegant interiors, but also in all renovated and rebuilt villas, houses or apartments.

The curtain rod is designed to be mounted to the wall, but it is possible to mount it to the ceiling as well, or simply between 2 walls. 

The big advantage of this curtain rod is its elegant appearance and beautiful endings from traditional subdued and yet effective to super modern with gigantic crystals.

The colors of these curtain rods allow you to fit into almost any style:

- antique brass - classical interiors and interiors with the addition of golden decorations

- antique white - modern and classic interiors in shades of white - ivory, Provence style interiors, shaby interiors, glamour

- bronze - perfect for artdeco style interiors, modern interiors with the addition of venge wood, mahogany and others exotics wood.

- rustically steel - modern interiors in an industrial style, lofts, minimalist interiors with a predominance of concrete, steel or glass