Curtain Rails for Hotels

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Curtain Rails and Curtain Tracks for Hotels

In Hotels or Holiday homes, curtains are very important. It is not only an aesthetic aspect or an ambiance created by the beautiful, well-chosen Curtains. This is also a very important usability aspect. In rooms where guests stay, today's trend is to cover the window in an easy - intuitive way. Often these are Blackout Curtains, thanks to which a hotel guest can rest peacefully, regardless of the time of day.

A wide selection of Rails for Curtains designed specifically for this type of room. They are often made of aluminum. These curtains are durable, small enough to hide in a niche above a window or ceiling, yet allow the hotel guest to easily operate the Curtains when and how he wants.

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Single Aluminium Curtain Track System

Track: 20 x 14 mm

Collection VERONA I 

Color: White