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black curtain rods

Curtain rod Portofino - SOLE

Single or Double Curtain Rod

diameter: 25 mm or 25 mm +19 mm

Portofino Collection - SOLE

Color: Onyx

Type of Curtain Rods:
  • SINGLE curtain rod 25 mm
  • DOUBLE curtain rod 25 + 19 mm

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Curtain Rods


This unique collection of curtain rods is perfect for all modern interiors.

Curtain rods elements are glossy onyx effect.

Curtain rods are available in 2 options:

 Single Curtain Rod 25 mm

Double curtain rod 25 mm + 19 mm

 in Onice trendy colors

The color is what you can see in the picture.

Single supports can fix your curtain rod to the wall or to the ceiling.

Double supports can only fix your curtain rod to the wall.


All elements will be delivered separately for individual assembly.

Please refer to the instruction manual.

Before ordering the curtain rod please use the "HOW TO CHOOSE LENGTH OF THE CURTAIN ROD" hint.


ATTENTION: Given length is only for the rod. The end caps lengthen the rod by a few cm.


The deliver of curtain rods is as follows:
- in 1 part if is shorter than 200 cm
- in 2 parts if is 201-400 cm
- in 3 parts if is longer than 401 cm



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